Meet Alexandra Bonner

Meet Alexandra Bonner – Design Consultant for Incredible Home

”I think that every client has a good idea of what they’re looking for, even if they’re not quite sure where to begin. They need a connection to the space they’re living in, so smart space planning can really influence the design,” says Bonner.

The newest designer to join the team at Incredible Home, Alexandra is a designer to the core and can’t imagine herself doing anything else. “I’ve always worked in design in the background. I did wedding dress design and event design before. After taking a little break, I came back pretty quickly to design!” she adds.

Our Process

As a designer, Bonner considers how she and the team can offer functional spaces that clients can come home and enjoy by analyzing the space. From there, it’s a matter of figuring out which features they want and which materials and hardware will pair with the design and the desired look and feel for the area.

“The fun part is working with the entire team. We have our showroom staff, our other designers, and our engineers,” she says. “We’re all on teams talking to each other all day long.” As anyone knows, this constant communication keeps projects moving and creates a great atmosphere for each team member and each client. It’s also all about conversation with clients. “They’ll come to the showroom, and that’s the point where they meet with us face to face. Even though we have masks on, it’s still putting eyes to the voice,” says Bonner.

“(In the showroom), you get a feel for what clients lean towards and how they interact with the space. A lot of people are really tactile, so they like to feel the different textures and by providing samples, you get a very quick sense of what they are going to love in their home,” she adds.


Island-born-and-raised, Bonner was in school for quite a few years at UVIC doing sociology originally and then discovered that she had more of a passion for design. She switched her focus of studies to design – specifically interior design – and moved to Vancouver to pursue that. I graduated about a year ago after doing my schooling and starting my career over the pandemic.

“I started with Incredible Home directly after graduation and began with working on smaller projects, more built-ins, closets of course, and then slowly made my transition into kitchen design. It’s been great! Incredible Home is somewhere I feel I can grow a lot. Not just the team but the clients as well,” she says.

“Working with a group of people that share that passion really helps. When you enjoy where you work, it really reflects on the work you do,” she enthuses.

Home Life

Like so many Vancouver Islanders, Bonner loves getting outside. “When I was living in Vancouver, taking an hour-long drive just to go for a walk was tough. Now I’m in Royal Oak and only 5 mins from trails and hikes.” Her dogs and horse get her outside plenty too. She can often be found in the barn, training her golden retriever puppy, or taking both the golden and her little dachshund around the community.

Ideal Client

Anyone who loves their space and wants to improve it in some way. It could be the smallest thing, like wanting more storage in their kitchen to suit their lifestyle, whether they are hooked on baking, they cook a lot and would love a prep station or just need more space as the family grows.

Favourite Space to Design

Kitchens. So much happens in the kitchen, and there’s so much potential. We start with a phone call to ask about basic needs and then have clients send us measurements and photos to start the process if they can. We can alter 3D designs on the spot and work back and forth to design the ideal kitchen.

Favourite Materials to Use in Design

Growing up on the island has definitely influenced my personal taste. I think the island has a very distinct, west coast taste. It is a style, but not one that a lot of people recognize. I love mixing stone with wood and bringing in cottons and linens, really relaxed, organic colours with pops of colours that can really bring out a person’s personality in a space.

Advice for Homeowners Who Want to Improve the Overall Design of a Room

Try taking a risk on colour, whether that’s doing a feature wall or a lower cabinet with pops of colour to bring more dimension and life to a space.

I also think light is huge. If you don’t have a ton of natural light, bringing in more light in different hues – ambient lighting, under cabinet lighting, task lighting, there’s a multitude of options that can make a huge difference in a space.

Contact Incredible Home Today!

As a designer in Victoria, BC, Bonner would be glad to speak with you and help you find a solution to any organization or design improvements needed in your home, whether that’s your master bedroom walk-in, kitchen, or you need a custom storage solution for the landslide of clutter in your family room. To get started, just give our team a call or send an email to set up an initial conversation.