A well-designed pantry will ensure all items are within your reach and well within your line of sight because we all have that one corner in our pantry where items go to get lost.

With functionality and beauty top of mind we will conduct a culinary analysis. We will consider storage for your specific needs; dry goods, appliances, recycling, compost, trash bins, open baskets for root vegetables and beverages; there can be a space for everything.

Recycling has become a large focus in our homes and convenience is available through many styles for recycle and composting centres. Customizing with roll outs, mixer lifts, and corner solutions can turn this into a truly serviceable space with every inch fully utilized.

Whether it be a reach-in, walk-in or a butler’s pantry our space planners work with you to create a pantry to compliment your kitchen.

Kitchen Pantries Q & A

What exactly is a kitchen pantry?

A pantry is a room where beverages, food, and sometimes dishes, household cleaning items, linens, or provisions are stored, in addition to storage in the kitchen. A pantry is designed to enhance a kitchen, providing much needed storage in an accessible adjacent space.

Why add a pantry to your home?

A pantry enhances your kitchen space and experience. As a dedicated storage for beverages, food, dishes, and various household supplies the pantry is an essential way to keep your kitchen space organized and clutter free.

What is a butler’s pantry?

Historically, the butler’s pantry was a small room between the kitchen and dining room. The purpose of a butler’s pantry was primarily for the storing of the family china, as well as a staging area for serving meals. Today, many homes still employ the concepts of a butler’s pantry. Regardless of how you plan to use it, a butler’s pantry is a unique feature to add to your home.

What is a pantry cabinet?

As the name suggests it is a cabinet, usually large (similar to the size of a small or medium refrigerator) and is joined to and matching the kitchen cabinetry.