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We are here to assist you with every step of your custom millwork project – from planning and budgeting to design and installation.

Closet organization is both an art and a science. The art part is how our designers can recreate the space you are working with and come up with a beautifully elegant custom closet solution. The science part of the equation is where our manufacturing team comes in, as they can take our designer’s concept and turn it into a perfectly fitting reality.

Organization helps simplify your everyday life. Closet organization helps simplify your home life. Our custom closets not only look good but they are super functional, oftentimes doubling the original closet space.

Our unique storage solutions work for all kinds of closets, from custom walk-in and reach-in closets to value closets and wardrobes.  Some of our most innovative designs work magic for entry and children’s closets and can be adapted to change as your needs change over time. In addition to all the different types of organization such as shelving options, hanging options, and drawers we also offer a wide selection of accessories, finishes and hardware to compliment your custom closet.

We are a local company employing local craftsman to manufacture only quality cabinetry. Our custom cabinetry is made in Victoria, BC, comes with an industry-leading warranty and is professionally installed by our own trained and talented installation team.

Whether it be our industrial grade engineered boards or our German and European hardware, you can be assured that all components of your system meet the highest standard of quality.

At Incredible Home, we realize that not everyone has the ability to “see” the vision that our designers have come up with and that’s why we offer free 3-D renderings, showing you exactly what your custom closet will look like.

To get started, let us connect you with one of our closet organizers (aka design specialists) and you will be amazed at how they are able to transform even the most awkward closets into a thing of organizational beauty.


Custom Closet Organizers Q & A

What defines a custom closet?

A custom closet is a specially designed combination of shelves, drawers, cabinets, and any desired accessories that are designed and built for your particular space.

What is the main difference between stock cabinetry and custom cabinetry?

The main difference between stock cabinetry and custom cabinetry is in the details. Stock cabinetry is typically purchased in predetermined sizes, ready for pickup and self install. Custom cabinetry is designed to specifically fit the user’s space and needs and is installed professionally.

How long does it take to install custom closets?

Once a design is confirmed and our contract has been signed, our engineer will triple check the drawings before sending them to our production department and scheduling your installation. Our manufacturing team of skilled craftsmen will manufacture your closet locally in Victoria. This entire process from signing the contract to install takes an average of four-six weeks. This timeframe may vary throughout the year.

What kind of warranty do you get with custom closets?

Incredible Home warranties materials and installation on all closet systems, shelving products and door system products for ten years. For more information on our warranties, please visit our Customer Care page.

Does a custom closet add value to your home?

Absolutely, a custom closet will add value to your home as well as improve your lifestyle with organized and functional storage. A custom closet appeals to buyers and renters alike and will add endless value to the user by providing organization to last a lifetime.