Floating Wall Boxes



Modular Geometric Furniture made to look built in but flexible enough to suit your ever changing life style.

Enhance your décor with our modern Floating Wall Boxes. Customize and personalize any space in your home with functional wall art. 138 sizes, 17+ finishes. 

The possibilities are endless.

Custom Built Home Office Q & A

What sizes are available?

Sizes vary in width, height, depth. Width: 6”, 9”, 12” ,15”, 24:, 30” Height 6”, 9”, 12”, 15”, 18” 24” Depth 6”, 9”, 12”, 15”

How do we install?

All Floating wall boxes are sold premade with all the mounting hardware. They come with easy-to-read instruction on how to install yourself.
Professional installation is available at $30 per box.

What material do they come in?

We have 4 categories of material to chose from:

  • Classic Series, includes Classic White, Black Suede, Folkstone Grey, and Fog Grey,
  • Nature Series offers a line of Faux wood with Cannes, Americana, Samdhi, and Ombre,
  • Vogue Series includes Willow Greige, Verde Green, Mysterious Blue, and Fossil Grey all with a smooth Matte finish, and
  • Ultra series offers bold high gloss option with Artz Red, Dark Grey, Luxe Black, and White.

What is the weight capacity?

We recommend no more than 25lbs per linear foot. If extra weight capacity is required, we can put in an extra support screw.