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Euro closet doors are the pinnacle of quality, style, and excellence, enhancing the ambiance of the room.

Euro closet doors are the pinnacle of quality, style, and excellence. They are exceptionally smooth in operation, create greater closet accessibility while enhancing the ambiance of the room.

Incredible Home manufactures their Euro closet doors in Victoria, BC using German engineered hardware and European manufactured components. Each door is custom made for its new owner, designed to suit its new location perfectly.  Our clients refer to them as the Mercedes of doors.

Euro Closet Doors are available in widths of almost every dimension and heights up to 10 feet. Our company trained craftsmen build and install all types of closet doors including double bi-pass, triple bi-pass, bifold, barn style and pivot style with an eye to perfection.

Come by our showroom and check out the selection you will be sure to fall in love!

Incredible Home Euro Closet Doors and Room Dividers

Here is a breakdown of the differences between the various closet doors and room divider door options:

Single Barn Doors:

  • One panel that slides horizontally on a track above a door opening and slides in front of an
    adjacent wall.
  • Creates a modern, minimalist look.
  • Requires ample wall space for the door to slide open.

Double Barn Doors:

  • 2 Barn door panels, each sliding horizontally along adjacent front walls.

Double Bi-Pass Closet Doors (2 Panel Closet Doors):

  • Two panels slide past each other on 2 tracks within the door frame.
  • Attractive and functional.
  • Ideal when space in front of a closet is limited.

Triple Bi-Pass Closet Doors (3 Panel Closet Doors):

  • Three panels slide past each other on 3 tracks within the door frame.
  • Provides even greater access and visibility compared to double bi-pass doors.
  • Requires significant wall space for all panels to slide open.
  • Ideal for wide openings and large wardrobes when cabinet doors are not an option.

Quad Bi-Pass Closet Doors (4 Panel Closet Doors):

  • Four panels that slide past each other on 2 tracks within the door frame.
  • Offers good access and visibility.
  • Suitable for very large openings.

Stacking Room Dividers:

  • Multiple panels that slide and stack behind each other.
  • Excellent for dividing large rooms or creating temporary spaces.
  • Can be used in many versatile ways.

Never-Fail Bifold Closet Doors for Full Opening Spaces:

  • Two panels that fold in half and open completely against each side wall or as a single bifold on
    one side.
  • Provides full access to the closet interior.
  • Ideal for small spaces where a sliding door might not work.

Pivot Closet Doors:

  • A single panel that swings on a pivot point at the top and bottom.
  • Stylish and space-saving option for small openings.
  • Requires less clearance than a traditional hinged door.

Choosing the Right Option:

The above list may assist you in determining which type of Euro door is right for you. However, the very
best way is to visit the Incredible Home showroom at 464 Burnside Rd. East. There you will be able to
personally see, touch, feel, and experience the quiet elegance of the Euro doors.
Built in Victoria to exacting standards with German engineered, European manufactured hardware, Euro
doors reflect their quality and elegance best when viewed in person.
Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in understanding the different styles and options and can
provide you with quotes based on your choice of style and options.


Euro Closet Doors Q & A

How do you measure and price closet doors?

Take close measurements of the closet doors openings, height, and width. Visit our showroom to view style and finish options and one of our staff members will work out a very close estimate. For an exact quote, one of our trained designers will visit your home to take exact measurements and assess the opening for our doors to create the look and feel you are after.

What is the difference between interior doors and closet doors?

Our Euro Closet doors have German engineered hardware and are locally made by us in Victoria. Our doors can be made for almost any space and you have many different design options from sliding doors to barn doors to bi-fold and pivot. Our doors are built to last, you no longer have to worry about your bi-fold door coming out of it’s tracks, since our bi-folds have hardware which are on ball bearings that run in a special designed track. Our sliding doors move so effortlessly you no longer have to worry about the doors getting stuck or difficult to move. Our closet doors also come in a variety of finishes, such as translucent, semi-translucent, polar white, absolute black, clear glass, laminate panels as well as chalkboard and whiteboard finishes. Let us show you how amazing these doors truly are.

What options are available with custom closet doors?

Closet door types include:

Single and double barn doors I Double bi-pass I Triple bi-pass I Quad bi-pass I Stacking room dividers I Never-fail bifold doors for full opening spaces I Pivot doors perfect for small openings