The essential home office is designed to cater to your individual needs.

Whether you require a simple work surface, elaborate storage, or maybe a conference area, our designers consider all essential aspects when designing your home office. Countertops can be made to match the millwork finish, or our designers can assist you in choosing a style and type to suit your needs.

The essential home office can be designed to meet your needs.

Custom Built Home Office Q & A

What components of a home office do you build?

At Incredible Home we can assist you with building custom millwork items, including desks and storage units. Consideration for computer, printers, shredders, and other electronics is given to each and every project to ensure that your space works for you. Full extension, soft close drawers including legal and letter size file drawers can all be incorporated and made to match your chosen style.

What choice of material do you offer for office shelves, desktop, or countertops?

We can match your design by providing shelves, desktops, or countertops in the same material as your millwork, a sleek way to round off your design. Should you desire another material such as quartz or laminate we can coordinate the supply, delivery, and installation along with the cabinetry.

Where in the home is a typical home office located?

The location of a home office will vary based upon how the space is used, as well as other considerations such as privacy. Those who work from home and expect visitors or clients to enter the space may choose to position the office near the entrance to the home, to avoid having visitors travel through the core of the home. Some offices may have a separate exterior entrance or be in an entirely separate building. For those with children or other members living in the home, who require privacy or quiet – the office may be positioned away from common gathering areas. There is no one spot for an office; it will involve an in-depth analysis of your living circumstances to determine its best location.