Custom Bathroom



Our Incredible bathroom vanities will transform your bathroom into a spa style retreat.

Work with our designers to incorporate details such as under cabinet motion lights for assurance in the night and dedicated drawer inserts for appliances and toiletries. Ample room for necessities with functional and creative storage solutions are all ideas our designers can incorporate into design.

Contemporary, transitional or traditional – you choose the style and we provide the details.

Custom Bathroom Vanities Q & A

What is the definition of a vanity?

A bathroom vanity can be defined as the combination of the bathroom sink or basin and the storage that surrounds it.  It is generally thought of as being a piece of bathroom cabinetry that is designed to hold the sink and conceal the associated plumbing as well as provide much needed storage.

What features can custom bathroom vanities have?

A bathroom vanity can incorporate many storage features unique to the needs of it’s users. We can include dedicated spaces for individual users, U shaped drawers to work around plumbing and maximize space, and a drawer custom fit with metal grommets to accommodate your hairdryer or hot tools.

What kind of care and maintenance does a custom bathroom vanity require?

While our products are virtually maintenance free, we do recommend using a damp cloth to clean and a dry cloth to finish. If using a chemical cleaner, test the cleaner on a hidden area before use.