Laundry &
Mud Rooms



The mud and laundry rooms are two multi-purpose spaces where keeping everything organized and within reach is necessary for function and neatness.

 Including custom storage solutions such as individual lockers, shelving, benches, drawers, or cubbies are all starting concepts our designers consider.

The mud and laundry rooms are two multi-tasking spaces where keeping everything organized and within reach is ideal.

Laundry & Mud Rooms Q & A

What is a mud room?

A mud room is an alternate entry area, often times off of the garage and connected to the laundry room. Mud rooms feature built-in storage for coats, boots, accessories etc. and sometimes feature a bench area for you to sit down while you take off or put on your gear. The intent of a mudroom is to keep the rest of the home clean and tidy.

What kind of organization can you add to a laundry room?

Built-in storage in your laundry room is the perfect way to maximize storage and hide clutter. Built-in laundry bins, dedicated laundry storage for laundry supplies, and a home for all those miscellaneous cleaning items are just some ideas to think of when organizing your laundry room. A home for the ironing board, a place for the lint roller, its details like these that will make a difference in your home.

What are the cabinets in the laundry room made from?

Depending on your space and desired design, your designer may offer you several options for the construction of the millwork. Its construction will help dictate the available finishes. Ask your designer to give you ideas to make your design pop!

How much room do you need for a custom laundry room?

While there is no average laundry room size anything less than about 5’ x 6’ is a laundry closet. The beauty of custom millwork is that we will make whatever size space work for you with great storage and unique features. Whether big or small, our designers can offer you designs that cater to your space and needs.