Wine Room

Wine Room

A unique wine room or bar will enhance your entertaining experience. Displaying your premium vintages and sharing your wine room or cellar with your friends is sure to be a pleasure.

Enhance the décor with our modern peg systems designed to display individual bottles and optimize wall space. For accessible and functional storage, larger cases work well with our custom stained wood case lot storage and racks.

Use a combination of storage systems to create your truly unique space.

Custom wine room – now here’s a room to be proud of.

Custom Wine Room Q & A

What should I consider when working with a designer to create a wine room?

Wine rooms can be built purely for storage, for display and storage and may even require space for a tasting bar or table. Storage solutions may include coolers with single or dual zone storage compartments.

How much space do I need for a wine room?

Wine rooms can be created in many different spaces of many different sizes. The space you require for a wine room will depend on how you plan to use your space. Do you wish to display your collection or is the space strictly for storage. How large your collection is and how much space you have to offer. Consider awkward spaces such as under a set of stairs or portion of a mechanical room in a basement or an under used pantry.