TV Rooms

TV Rooms

Our designers will help create the perfect surroundings for your entertainment unit with built-in cabinetry that reflects you, your tastes, and the design of your home.

We carefully consider form and function unique to your aesthetic and requirement for space to store and display your TV and treasured items. The options for design and finishes are numerous.

Entertainment centres and display cabinets are as unique as the items that are contained within them.

Entertainment Centers Q & A

What is a custom entertainment center?

A custom entertainment center is a built-in unit designed for your needs. Built to fit your TV, your media collection, your family photos and heirlooms and any other trinkets, treasures, or objects of art that you wish to display.

What do you put in an entertainment center other than a TV?

You could populate your entertainment unit with a variety of items other than your TV. DVD’s, CD’s, books, and décor items. Your entertainment center could be designed to fit bins and baskets, or with drawers and doors, or it can be open concept to display all your treasures.

Can you colour match the entertainment center to the rest of the house?

We offer a wide variety of finishes to coordinate with your existing furniture and finishes. We can custom match to an existing stain or paint that you may have in your home now. We highly recommend you collect inspiration images and bring them with you when you meet with your designer.

Can I bring my custom entertainment center with me when I move to a new home?

Most custom entertainment units are designed to be built-ins and therefore made to stay in the house and space that they are built to fit. If this is a desire for future, you should discuss this option with your designer so that design and manufacture can be adjusted to accommodate a future move.