Small Walk-In Closet Ideas: Adding a Walk-In Closet to a Small Bedroom

Small Walk-In Closet Ideas: Adding a Walk-In Closet to a Small Bedroom

What To Consider When Building a Walk-In Closet With the Help of A Professional

Have you always wanted to add a walk-in closet to your home, but due to limited space felt that it was out of reach? Don’t give up hope! An expertly designed walk-in closet is both elegant and efficient – and it might not take as big of a space as you think.
Professional closet design and installation companies excel in creating even the smallest and smartest of walk-in closets which can be completely customized to suit your space and lifestyle needs. 

If you want to add a walk-in closet in your small bedroom or space, seek out the help of a professional design and installation company. That way, you’ll get a finished product that is completely unique to you and your space.

As these 21 Best Small Walk-in Closet Storage Ideas for Bedrooms show, your walk-in closet doesn’t need to be big to make a big difference.

Assess Your Space to Determine Your Walk-in Closet’s Layout

A walk-in closet is designed to work with your lifestyle and needs, and that begins with the layout of your space.

The first step in designing a walk-in closet for your small space is to create a closet layout for you that works well in your bedroom or dressing room, regardless of the size. 

small walk in closet ideas

Consider these questions:

  • Can you connect it to your bedroom, or are you able to dedicate an entire small room to it? 
  • Does your existing bedroom have a small space or corner that can be redesigned as a small walk-in closet? 
  • Do you want your small walk-in closet in a specific location, such as close to your bathroom or laundry room, for even more organization and time-saving hacks?

Match Your Small Walk-in Closet to Your Busy Lifestyle

The next step to creating your ideal walk-in closet is to consider your lifestyle and routine. Mindfully designing your closet can give you an idea of the amount of shelving and storage you need. 

Consider these tips and solutions for a walk-in closet that matches your lifestyle: 

  • Will you need to share your closet space?? Partitions can be added so that your belongings can be clearly separated, avoiding confusion (and arguments!). 
  • Add multiple hanging rods at different levels to better organize tops versus pants.
  • Add lower hanging rods and shelves to accommodate a child or anybody who needs to access their clothes from a lower level. 

Personalized Options to Keep Your Small Walk-in Closet Organized

The options for closet add-ons are endless when you choose to work with a professional closet design and installation company. Think smarter and more space-saving solutions for all the bits and pieces that tend to get lost in a closet or create extra clutter. 

Consider adding some closet accessories that can enhance your space and make your closet as efficient as possible:

  • A pull-out ironing board to iron your clothes as you’re picking them out or putting them away
  • Extra hooks and racks to lay out your outfit for work the next day, or whichever event you have planned for the night
  • An entire section dedicated to shoe storage, with a pull-out shoe rack so you can easily find your shoes
  • Smart shelves
  • Pull-out belt racks
  • Laundry valets
  • Jewelry storage

DIYing these solutions is possible, but you could end up with bulkier storage that won’t be as seamless, effective or as elegant. Remember the idea is to maximize your space and simplify your life, not to complicate your home and your storage system.

Keep Your Small Walk-in Closet Light and Bright

One necessary element to add to any walk-in closet is lighting, especially if your closet has no natural light. 

  • Whether they’re manual or automatic, adding LED lights and spotlights to your closet can enhance the space and make it look larger
  • LED lights can also help you stay organized and easily find your clothes, accessories, and shoes

For a Small Walk-in Closet, Prioritize Height Over Width

For a small walk-in closet, height is key. Floor-to-ceiling storage options will utilize your vertical space to its greatest advantage. Here are some walk-in closet storage tips to remember:

  • Design your custom closet to be floor to ceiling to enhance your available space.
  • Give yourself plenty of storage space at the top of your walk-in closet in order to keep off-season items packed away there 
  • More frequently used and everyday items can be stored closer to the bottom for easier access

Keep Your Small Walk-in Closet Organized and Your Own with Personal Touches

Celebrate your brand new small walk-in closet by adding finishing touches that will not only personalize it, but also further enhance its efficiency.

  • By adding labels to your shelves and sections of your closet, you’ll learn how to best utilize your custom closet space and keep track of all your belongings 
  • Clear up wall space to keep smaller items mounted
  • Add extra hanging storage on the back of doors
  • Decorate your closet in any colour or theme you like, making it completely yours
  • Choose the wood finishings, the drawer knobs and even the flooring finish. It’s your closet, your lifestyle, and your choice. 

For more inspiration and ideas take a look at this list of 19 chic walk-in closet ideas to organize your clothes like a celeb.

A walk-in closet is not merely a fancy addition to your home, it’s a way of life that can add a spring in your step and value to your life. No space is too small to install a life-changing walk-in closet that’s bespoke for you.

Your Dream Walk-in Closet, Designed and Delivered by Incredible Home

With the help of a custom design and installation company like Incredible Home in Victoria, B.C., you can have a walk-in closet even if you only have a small space.

Contact us to get a quote and find out just how you can take your organization to the next level by adding in a professionally installed walk-in closet to your home.