Thinking about a Kitchen Renovation?

What you Need to Know Before Moving Forward with a Kitchen Reno


Now that you have decided to renovate your kitchen, what are your next steps? Home renovation projects need to be well planned and a kitchen renovation is no exception!Kitchen Renovations in Victoria BC - new oven

Before you meet with your kitchen designer it is ideal to create a rough layout of your existing kitchen, take photos of each wall, build a folder with a few inspiration images, and consider budget and timeline for completion.

Your new kitchen remodel needs to reflect your personal style, how you use the space and functional needs.

Some of the elements we consider when designing your kitchen include:

  • Which fixtures and/or appliances are you planning to keep and what if any limitations do we need to work around such as plumbing and range venting.
  • How do you use your kitchen? How many people use the space? Do you need additional pantry storage? Would you benefit from designated areas for baking and canning? Do you need space to entertain? Do you need space for casual dining?
  • Are you changing flooring material?
  • Can we reconfigure the layout to add a kitchen island or peninsula?
  • Are there spaces adjacent to the kitchen that can be incorporated as pantry or additional storage?
  • Electrical and plumbing changes including additional plug in locations and rough-in for appliances that require water lines.

Renovating Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to your kitchen cabinets you have several options for materials which will allow you to work within your budget. The two main materials used for kitchen cabinetry are wood or a wood substrate with an applied finish. Each offers different options for colours, textures, and finishes. Your kitchen cabinet decisions are likely the most important ones you will make when remodelling your kitchen. Your cabinets will be the first thing people notice and their functionality and purpose will add significant value to your everyday enjoyment.

Kitchen Countertops, Accessories & Lighting

In keeping with this added value proposition, you will need to consider the countertops, accessories, lighting, and hardware that best fit with your needs. This is one area where a little more budget allocation can have a great payback. The kitchen is the heart of the home after all!

Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Renovations in Victoria BC - island kitchen

There are many choices for countertop and backsplash materials from solid surfaces such as quartz and natural stone as well as porcelain, butcher block and laminate. We work with several local supplier/fabrication shops here in Victoria BC and recommend looking at Colonial Countertops as a starting point.

Choosing Kitchen Accessories

Accessories elevate and add function to a well-designed kitchen. There is an abundance of choice for accessories to customize the inside of your cabinets; corner solutions, garbage/recycling/composting, spice storage, drawer organization are just the beginning.  Check out a full range of kitchen accessories here.

Choosing Kitchen Hardware

Hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen and the right choice will bring the whole kitchen together. Things to consider when selecting hardware include shape, size, material, and finish. Positioning on the cabinetry is a detail not to be missed either.

Getting the Right Lights for your Kitchen

Finally, let there be light. Along with finding ways to bring in as much natural light as possible you will also want to ensure that you take full advantage of the variety of options for cabinet lighting including under cabinet, over cabinet, toe kick lighting and lights to the interior of cabinets.


That should give you a good idea of what you need to know before moving forward with that new kitchen renovation. In Victoria BC, come by our showroom to talk to our expert kitchen designers, cabinet makers and installers or give us a ring at 250-381-6511 and let’s get started on your new kitchen reno!