Laundry Room Organizers That Make a Messy Job Fun

Perfect Laundry Organization Solutions for Your Home

Laundry room organizers can transform your laundry room from a chaotic place into a neat and tidy space. With a few clever laundry room organizers, you can create an immaculate space that provides plenty of laundry storage solutions.

Best Designs for Laundry Rooms

You want your laundry room to be functional but pleasant enough to spend some time in too. Laundry is rarely anyone’s favourite chore, but it can feel worse if you are trying to work around a messy or inaccessible space. 

There are ways to design your laundry room to give you optimal space and organization. For example:

Stacked washer and dryer: If you have a small laundry room, or don’t even have a separate laundry space, then a stacked washer and dryer is a great option.

Stacking your appliances may leave some space to add shelves or a hanging rod for laundry room storage flexibility. Adding a shelving unit beside the stacker (where possible) greatly improves organization and functionality.

laundry room organizers

Side-by-side washer and dryer: Some laundry rooms are more spacious and will accommodate appliances that are designed to sit side by side. 

If this is the case for your laundry room space, consider placing your appliances within cabinetry that creates a full top for folding clothes and eliminates the problem of lost socks, etc. dropping behind the units. This will make the most of your laundry room space and add a useful spot to fold your laundry and store your detergents. Large top surfaces like that work great for hobbies or large craft projects as well.

Built-in wall shelves: By adding wall shelves in your laundry room, you are upping your laundry organization significantly. While shelves for laundry room storage can be used to store necessities like detergents, softeners, balls and more, you can also use them to store extra towels. Effectively doubling up your laundry room as a linen closet too.

Laundry Room Organization

Storage is the key to an organized space and there are plenty of options to maximize storage using inserts and accessories.  

Here are some ideas that will maximize laundry room storage and organization:

  • Cabinets: If you have extra space in your laundry room, you can add custom-built laundry cabinets that not only offer valuable storage space but keep the room looking tidy. Cabinets can be a great space to store detergents, baskets, your iron and anything else you might need for the laundry process. 
  • Closets: A built-in laundry closet can offer even more storage space in larger laundry rooms as the full height allows it to accommodate bigger items. Closets are a great place to store ironing boards, or to store seasonal clothing such as snow gear. Closets can also be fitted with shelving to allow for more flexible storage options.
  • Hanging rod: A hanging rod is a good addition to any laundry room, whether it is free-standing or fitted inside a closet. A hanging rod is useful to hang-dry garments that cannot go into your dryer. Rods are also useful if you like to use a clothes steamer as you can hang and steam the clothes all within the same space. Rods can be added to closets at various heights to allow efficient storage of seasonal or specialty clothing items too.
  • Folding table: A folding table for laundry room organization enables you to fold the laundry straight from the dryer or the rack. Clothes and linens can be stored on the folding table until you have time to put them away. A folding table also creates useful storage space underneath where your clothes basket or detergents can be kept out of sight.

For more laundry room organizing ideas, see this useful guide from

Other Accessories for Laundry Room Organization

Having a well-laid-out laundry room with built-in storage is a great start to creating a functional space that flows well and is a pleasure to spend time in. 

For optimal laundry organization and a room that stays tidy because everything has a home, consider adding some of these finishing touches: 

Baskets: Baskets, drawers or storage bins have become an essential organizing tool in almost every room of the home and the laundry room is no exception. Using baskets helps to prevent clutter and keep smaller items together in an organized way. Using baskets on shelving or inside cabinets for laundry accessories makes it easier to find just what you need without having to pull everything out first. Basket drawers that roll out of your cabinets are even a nicer upgrade due to their ease of use and functionality.

Wall-mounted iron and ironing board holder: A wall-mounted ironing board and iron holder is a useful accessory to keep both items tidy and out of the way. If you have limited wall space, choose a hanging mount for your board and iron instead. This can be placed on the back of the door or inside a cabinet to save space. This way, you’ll have your ironing tools handy whenever you need them and out of the way when you don’t. 

Folding Ironing Boards: The folding drawer ironing boards are great for quick touch-ups and are great space savers in their own right. The drawer face folds down, and the ironing board almost magically pulls out, then folds out in a jiffy. Hidden away when not in use, but there in an instant when you need to get rid of some wrinkles.                

Sorting hamper: A game changer for laundry room organization and versatile enough to fit in with any laundry room design, a sorting hamper is perfect for keeping your laundry items separate. Clothing is pre-sorted by colour or wash requirement, making your life easier when doing multiple washes or saving them for later. Incredible Home has versatile and functional laundry hampers that either pull-out of the cabinets or can be hidden behind a door face keeping your laundry room looking very neat and tidy. The bonus with built-in hampers is that they are never under your feet, in the way or being a tripping hazard.

Want a More Organized Laundry Room? Consider Custom Laundry Storage from Incredible Home

If you are looking to design your laundry room from scratch, or want to make some additions to your current space, consider custom laundry cabinetry from Incredible Home.

Whatever size your space is, we offer custom designs for laundry rooms that will bring organization to your space. Based in Victoria, BC, Incredible home offers storage solutions for your whole home. 

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