Closet Accessories and Organization Tips

Closet Accessories and Organization Tips

How to Keep Your Closet Uncluttered and Accessible

Keeping your closet tidy and organized can be overwhelming without the proper closet accessories to keep the clutter at bay. 

There are many solutions to keep your items well-kept and easy to find, whether you have a stand-alone wardrobe or a custom walk-in closet.

Here are some tips and ideas for incredible closet accessories and organizers that you can install to clear the clutter: from handbag storage and closet jewelry organizers to belt racks and more.

Organize Your Closet with Our Accessories and Solutions

Purse Storage

Dedicating a space in your closet to store your purses and handbags makes a world of difference in your closet organization. Some purse storage ideas include:

  • Installing extra shelving just for your purses. This not only prevents them from getting lost among your clothing and other items but allows you to put the special ones on display. 
  • Pull-out smart shelves inside cabinets are also a good option for storing your handbags as they can be hidden neatly away behind a closed door.
  • Decorative storage bins are another way to keep purses neat – maybe organize them by size, colour or use.
  • For larger closets or for display within your bedroom, have a custom display cabinet with glass doors and built-in LED lighting installed by Incredible Home.

Valet Rods

Valet rods are a great addition to any closet, and once you’ve had them, you won’t want to go back. 

  • Valet rods are simply an additional clothing rod that can be extended (pulled out)  from the framework of the closet organizer.
  • These rods are ideal for hanging tomorrow’s work wear or that special combination of matching garments for a night out.
  • Perfect for putting together items as you pack for your trip.
  • Great for doing a quick steam on clothes.
  • Ideal for sorting out the dry cleaning (and stripping off the plastic cover).
  • Our most popular accessory at Incredible Home/Incredible Closets.

Closet Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry can easily get lost or damaged if it is not well organized. Closet jewelry organizers keep everything in one place, and add a layer of security as precious items are out of sight.closet accessories

  • Add an acrylic jewelry drawer with a velvet liner. These trays are compartmentalized so you can keep different types of jewelry separate: from earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings; all your trinkets and baubles can be securely stored while minimizing the risk that they’ll get lost in a mess. 
  • Our flocked lined double jewelry drawer looks like a regular drawer until you open it and discover an additional tray within the same space but doubling your storage.

Shoe Storage

Are your shoes taking over your bedroom floor, your closet floor, or even other parts of your house? Get them organized with the right footwear in its proper location with custom shoe organization by Incredible Closets.

  • Dedicate a section of your closet with adjustable shelving allowing your shoes to be organized with like heights together – flats with flats, heels with heels will not only increase your storage (flats will have those adjustable shelves closer together), but make it easy to find the shoes you are looking for.
  • For even easier sole searching (pun intended), angled shoe shelves create a great display for all your footy favourites. 
  • For long boots, we create vertical dividers to keep yours upright, separated and from falling over and adding to shoe chaos.
  • For more suggestions, Good Housekeeping has a long list of ideas for shoe storage that will get your creative juices flowing.

Belt and Scarf Storage

Don’t let your belts and scarves take over your closet space. Get a handle on them with specially designed storage solutions: 

  • A dedicated belt rack can be added to end panels or long hanging sections in your closet. Belts hang by the pop-out hooks, keeping them organized and straight and easy to find.
  • A scarf rack is basically a belt rack but used for scarves instead. There are also our 6-hole valet which is great to feed nylon scares through. This makes it easy to select one without messing through them all.
  • There are also specific tie racks for closets that will keep your tie collection tidy, wrinkle-free and ready to go. Have one mounted in the dress shirt or suit jacket section for a simple, smart storage solution.

Pull-out Pant Racks

Keeping your pants on a pull-out pant rack keeps each pair separate to prevent the mess and creases that can come with layering over a hanger or storing on shelves.

  • Access your pants easily without compromising closet space for your other clothing items, especially those that need to be hung. 
  • You will also free up shelving space for bulkier items that need to be folded and stored, such as chunky knit sweaters.

Divide Your Drawers

When you need to place multiple items in one drawer space, dividers can help to keep things organized.

  • Drawers that include built-in dividers make it easier for anything you’re keeping in your drawers to stay in their respective spots, making them easy to find.
  • Compartmentalize everyday necessities like underwear, socks, bras or undershirts. 
  • Use drawer dividers to differentiate between types of underwear, types of socks or whatever you have to organize. The more you organize your closet, the easier it will be to keep it from cluttering. 

More Closet Organization Tips and Tricks

As well as installing organizational closet accessories, there are other things you can do to make your closet neat. Here’s just a few tips and tricks that you might want to try:

Colour Code Your Clothes

When in doubt and want to keep track of your clothes, colour code them. 

  • Hang all your clothing by colour and watch a lovely rainbow of shades appear. 
  • Another option is to organize each item according to length or season.
  • This mode of organization makes it easy to keep track of your clothes and reorganize them when they get messed up again. 

Make Use of Vertical Space

Utilizing your closet’s vertical space is not only a creative space-saver but also a closet-organizing hack. 

  • Install hooks vertically to hang things like necklaces, scarves, bags, and other long accessories. Pro tip: dedicate each vertical panel to only one type of accessory or piece of apparel. 
  • Don’t forget the back of your closet doors – an ideal place for extra hooks, hanging accessory organizers or even a mirror.

Use Bins and Baskets

Bins and baskets are always great options for organization. Not only do attractive baskets look great aesthetically but they can act as portable drawers. 

Bins are perfect for storing seasonal items and keeping them tucked away until you need them. For more organization inspiration, visit Incredible Home for lots of great organizational ideas.  

Look to the Closet Experts for Organization Guidance

If you want to get on top of your closet organization, consider a custom closet solution from Incredible Home.

Experts in closet organization, Incredible Home can design you a custom closet including all the accessories that will keep you and your belongings neat. 

With plenty of innovative closet organization accessories to choose from, our design team can create smart custom closets for anyone looking to improve their wardrobe storage.

Based in Victoria, BC, Incredible Home offers storage solutions for every room in your home. 

Visit our showroom or book a consultation to chat with an expert about creating the closet of your dreams.