Custom Closet Doors

Custom Closet Doors

All About Our Custom Euro Doors

Of all the products and custom closet doors in our Incredible Home showroom, we’re probably the most excited about our Euro doors. Because they’re so user-friendly and versatile, Euro Doors can be used in a huge variety of ways throughout your home. Beyond closet doors, Euro Doors are the perfect way to segment a room or close a corner off to create a new usable space with the option to open it back up as needed.

Custom Euro Doors Victoria BC

In addition, there are a large array of finishes to suit the space, including popular glass panels in translucent, polar white, absolute black, mirror and clear glass. All glass panels are manufactured with 6mm safety glass. Panel boards come in classic white, matte white, antique white, birch veneer or blackboard and white erase boards for scheduling, doodling and anything in between. When shopping for Euro doors, our customers have lots of options with our room transforming translucent glass being the most popular.

Some of the Many Benefits of Euro Doors

  • You won’t need to buy another door or worry about your closet door falling off the track again!
  • Euro doors come with a 10-year warranty and are built to last a lifetime.
  • Our Euro doors are manufactured in Victoria by our own craftspeople and custom made for your room.  With top-quality German-engineered sealed ball bearing hardware that’s guaranteed to stay in place, modern construction and design, our Euro doors stands up to daily use, year after year after year.
  • Smooth operating, good looking, and enhancing most decors are why our clients love Euro doors.

Custom Closet Door Styles

Bi-pass and Barn style doors move so easily that homeowners of all ages and abilities can use them without a second thought or worry about getting the door open or closed.

Barn Door – Barn door sliders are popular right now and our Euro door line is no exception. Despite the name, barn doors aren’t always made of reclaimed wood and don’t have to be rustic. Our barn doors a modern alternative, stylish, timeless are custom made to reach up to 10’ high, to suit virtually any space if the confines allow for the door travel. Our customers love to use barn doors for many different settings and purposes.

Bi-fold – Bifold closet doors come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit many different situations. They can be used in place of regular doors or sliding doors, making them a very versatile option. Our bifold closet doors are easy to open and close and create excellent access to the interior of most closets.

Cheaper bi-fold doors and tracks have flimsy tin tracks, springs and plastic clips which seldom function properly and often come out of their tracks. Our bifold doors are bolted to a four-wheel guide enclosed in a double grove track creating a quiet, smooth operating door that folds tight to the side.

Bi-fold and Pivot – Combined with bi-fold mechanisms, the pivot functionality adds an optional way of accessing your closet. As a custom closet door, the pivot door hits the mark when it comes to accessing a narrow closet such as a small linen or broom closet which might come with a bifold door.

Double Bi-Pass – Bi-pass doors are a great option when a swing door or bifold inhibits a space.     A double bi-pass door fits within a space the thickness of a wall giving greater area around the outside of the closet while adding a very contemporary look. True to its name, bi-pass doors, whether they’re double, triple or quad, are able to slip over top and behind adjacent panels for a sleek look that won’t take up extra floor space.

Triple Bi-Pass – Like the double bi-pass door, this Euro door model is a custom closet door that has been created with three panels that operate on three tracks. This creates a 2/3 opening to your closet with the style and convenience of a bi-pass door. Triple bypass doors are also available with our Tag-along door system so that when you pull either the front or back door across, the others follow.

Quad Bi-Pass – Recommended for larger openings, quad doors can create a room divider or closet door up to 12 feet wide. Similarly, we can create a 6 pack or 8 pack door to separate even larger openings and when combined with out Tag-along system can open or close any combinations with just the front door.

Finishes and Other Options for Custom Euro Closet Doors

At Incredible Home, we are creative and will assist you in finding the ultimate door to create the ambiance that suits your lifestyle.

Our custom closet doors also come in various finishes, such as translucent, semi-translucent, polar white, absolute black, crystal-clear glass, mirrored, laminate panels as well as chalkboard and whiteboard finishes.

All of our closet doors feature a stylish flat profile and your choice of different edge profiles to accent your space perfectly.

Euro doors are one of our favourite products, and you’ll soon see why! To find your ideal configuration for your custom closet, room divider and overall storage solution, we welcome you to schedule a consultation. You can also visit our state-of-the-art showroom at 464 Burnside Rd. E in Victoria BC.