Creating a Spacious and Serene Walk-in Closet

Creating a Spacious and Serene Walk-in Closet

Walk In ClosetWhat to Consider When Planning a Custom Walk-in Closet

Is your walk-in closet a jumble of last-seasons’ clothes, unloved purses and old shoes? Is it hard to find an outfit to wear each day because your closet is so disorganized?

A custom walk-in closet can take the challenge out of your storage problems and bring serenity and function to your life.

Walk-in closets are a luxury that can add value and appeal to your home, but often they are not used to their full potential or capacity.  Say goodbye to clutter and turn your walk-in closet into a functional and beautiful space with the help of Incredible Home. Planning a walk-in closet will be a breeze with our team of closet experts who know how to maximize space for your specific needs.

The Advantages of a Custom Designed Walk-in Closet

Imagine walking into your closet and seeing all your clothes and accessories in one glance. When everything has a dedicated space, it is not only easier to find what you need, but it is easier to keep tidy too.

Many people design their own walk-in closet using off-the shelf storage solutions, but this can lead to ill-fitting results and unused, dead space. A custom designed closet will fit your space perfectly. Closet designers know the best ways to use corners and maximise storage options.

A custom walk-in closet can meet all your needs, whether you have a large shoe collection, uniforms, sports gear or want to create a serene dressing room space.

When a walk-in closet is done well, it can not only improve your lifestyle through greater organization and less stress, but because they are desirable, they can add value to your home too.

Consider Your Needs – What Do You Require from a Walk-in Closet?

Before speaking with a custom closet designer, it is good to consider what your needs are as this will help determine what options will be the most suitable. For example:

  • Do you want primarily clothes storage, or a dressing room style walk-in closet?
  • What kind of accessories do you want to store? Shoes, purses, hats, jewellery, watches, sunglasses, belts, ties…
  • What size is your space roughly? Will it be able to fit a centre island? Can it be divided into his and hers spaces? Smaller walk-in closets can fit a surprising amount when designed effectively.
  • Do you have any specific storage needs? i.e. long dresses, winter coats
  • Do you prefer to hang or fold pants and sweaters? This will help determine how much shelf, drawer and hanging space you need.
  • Do you prefer a look where everything is closed away behind doors, or are you comfortable with open shelving?
  • How high can you reach for items you will need every day?

Making a note of these requirements, plus a list of what you need to store will greatly help your custom closet designer to create the perfect walk-in closet to fulfill your dreams and wishes.

Options for Spacious and Serene Closets

Once a custom closet designer knows your needs and preferences, they can get to work designing a walk-in closet that is perfect for you. At Incredible Home, our designers will create a 3D rendering as part of our design package, giving you a clear vison of how your Incredible closet will look and feel after installation.

There are many options that you will be able to consider throughout the planning process from storage solutions to finishing touches. These may include:

Organizational options:

  • Shelving – flat, tilted, slide out
  • Hanging – full length, half length, custom length, pull down hanging rods
  • Drawers – pull out, slide out, secured (option of having drawer secured by keypad entry)
  • Central Islands – use for extra storage, display, laundry folding
  • Built-in laundry hampers
  • Fold or pull-out integrated ironing boards

Accessory storage:

  • Shoe storage – shelving, hangers, boxes
  • Purse storage
  • Display options
  • Pop out belt and tie racks
  • Lined jewellery trays

Finishes and hardware:

  • Integrated lighting – LED closet lights that illuminate your wardrobe where it needs to be lit
  • Finishes – dozens of them from basic white to glorious wood grains, matte finishes to high gloss – wherever your design sense leads you
  • Industrial grade laminates that are eco friendly, mar and stain proof. Designed to look good for generations.
  • Doors: entry and interior – sliding, bi-fold, pivot, translucent, or even mirrored
  • Handles – from simple to sparkling

Choosing the options that work best for your needs and budget will result in a spacious and serene walk-in-closet that you will be pleased to spend time in.

Looking for some walk-in closet inspiration? Check out this article by for some gorgeous examples of what is possible.

Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your Walk-in Closet

Once you are happy with the design of your custom walk-in closet, you should start to plan how you are going to use it. These tips and tricks will help ensure you get maximum capacity and pleasure from your new walk-in closet.

  • Make sure the things you use daily are easiest to see and access. Put things you don’t use often or that are being kept for sentimental reasons in harder to reach areas. If you need to use high spaces, think about incorporating a stool or ladder into your design.
  • Choose a system for your clothes. Whether you keep like items together or prefer to colour code, choose a system that works for you and stick with it.
  • Add a mirror to an unused wall space or the back of the door. It will make the room feel lighter and bigger.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of good lighting. In order to see all your clothing and other items clearly consider a main feature light supported by integrated under shelf lighting or in-closet rod lighting.
  • Add a stool or chair if you have space – it is useful for putting on shoes or just taking some time out to consider your outfit options

Make your Walk-in Closet Dreams Come True with Incredible Home

If you are looking for an expert to help with your custom walk-in closet look no further than Incredible Home. Headquartered in Victoria, BC, our team of closet design experts are waiting to help.

We integrate the latest technology and design ideas into our locally manufactured and eco-friendly products to ensure our customers are getting a closet to last a lifetime.

Contact Incredible Home today for help with all your closet and cabinetry needs.