Craft Room Storage and Organization

Craft Room Storage and Organization

Craft Room Storage – Custom Solutions For Your Hobby Room or In-House Craft Studio

Whether you enjoy crafting for a hobby or you have found success with a home-based craft business, you will appreciate how custom craft room storage solutions can help your creative side really shine.

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With the winter weather and Covid-19 outbreaks forcing us to spend more time inside our homes, many people are taking the opportunity to dust off their crafting tools and spend some time away from their screens doing something artistic. Sewing, painting, vinyl crafts, clay modelling, scrapbooking or paper crafts, whichever you do, they all come with equipment, tools and items that need to be stored and organized.

You might have one hobby you enjoy spending all your time on, or maybe you like to try new things. Either way, having a well-thought-out craft space with custom organization solutions will keep your space tidy and make it easier to find the things you need.

These craft room storage solutions and ideas will help guide you to the perfect creative space.

How Custom Cabinetry is a Great Starting Point for Craft Spaces

Whether you have a dedicated craft room space, have a spare bedroom you’d like to utilize or have to try and fit your craft supplies into a multipurpose room, custom cabinetry can be used to create the basis of your hobby room. Include these key pieces:

  • Shelving allows quick and easy access to the items you need and utilizes the vertical storage space in your room. Options include built-in shelving units or wall shelves that can be hung in unused spaces.
  • Cabinets are a good option if you prefer a cleaner look with most items hidden away. Cabinets can include cubbies with baskets, cupboard space for larger tools or machinery and pull-out shelves for easy access.
  • Built-in desks, similar to those used in a home office, can be used for the crafting workstation. Or, consider a central island for working on, which can contain its own storage and is accessible from all areas of the room.
  • Rods can be hung inside cabinets or directly onto walls as a convenient and attractive way to store rolls of paper, material, ribbon or tape. 
  • Drawers are useful for separating smaller items so they are easy to find but there isn’t too much out on display. Consider custom drawer inserts for even more organization.

If you are unsure where to start, speak with our custom cabinetry experts at Incredible Home. Our designers will happily offer advice on what solutions will work best for craft room storage in your space.

I Don’t Have Space for a Dedicated Craft Room in My Home, What Can I Do?

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to dedicate a whole room to their crafts, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your hobbies. You can always use a home office space, garage, corner nook or extra den space. Some solutions for smaller spaces:

Create a craft closet: Combine built-in storage solutions like shelving and drawers with baskets, containers, rods and back of the door organizers inside an unused closet – a great solution for a multi-purpose room. By adding a pull-out shelf to use as a desk, you can work where your tools are too. When you are finished you can close the doors and hide everything away. At Incredible Home, we have hundreds of hardware and storage solutions to combine with any of our custom closets.

Use moveable craft carts: Use a rolling cart to store all the equipment and supplies for your favourite craft, which can be wheeled to your worktop or table when needed. These work great if you have a place to store the cart while it’s not in use – like under your table / workbench or tucked away in a closet somewhere.

Use the garage: Install custom cabinets and a desk on one wall of your garage. A great solution for very noisy or messy crafts. We have an entire section dedicated to garage storage and accessories that can also beautifully suit your craft room / hobby space. From Handi-Wall panels and coordinating Handi accessories to custom finishes and hardware. Our tilt bins are an excellent choice for all of those smaller items that need closed storage with easy access and visibility. 

Use doors to close off a nook, den or corner of a room: Our Euro doors and panels can be used to create a separate space that can be closed off when not in use. These offer a huge variety of finishes, colours and hardware to perfectly accent your space and stoke your imagination! Mirrored finishes can add a light and open feeling to your craft room, or you can choose smoky glass, clear glass, a hardwood look, or even your favourite colour. 

Creative Craft Room Storage Solutions for Your Supplies

Once you have the core of your craft room or area in place, the fun job of organizing, storing and displaying all your craft tools and tokens begins. You might like to have all your items on display in color-coded order, or prefer to have everything hidden neatly away behind closed cabinet doors. Some extra small storage ideas could include:

  • Jars / pots for storing pens, pencils and other small items
  • Peg Boards
  • Wire shelves and baskets
  • Chalkboard / whiteboard / pinboard
  • Cubbies – with metal baskets, wicker baskets, material cubes
  • Binders for paper supplies
  • Hooks
  • Magazine holders to stack paper, patterns, designs
  • Stacking displays for paper and card stock
  • In-drawer storage
  • Tabletop display stands
  • Multi-compartment plastic containers

Top Tips for Effective Craft Room Storage

While you are organizing your crafting tools, consider these useful tips:

Store items you will use frequently as close to your workstation as possible. This makes them easy to see, choose and return for easy clean up too. 

Assign a place for everything and use labels to help you locate items. Make sure you tidy up at the end of each session, so you can start with a fresh, clean space next time.

If you enjoy multiple crafts, then consider setting up multiple workstations within your craft room. This will allow you to keep the tools required for each craft together.

Crafting can make a lot of mess. Don’t forget to include garbage and recycling containers in your space.

Incredible Home Can Help You Create Your Dream Custom Craft Room

Incredible Home is your custom home storage expert, specializing in cabinetry, home office solutions and organizational accessories.

Victoria, BC is home to our showroom and team of experts who can help you create your dream crafting space.

Whether you want to showcase all your crafting supplies or have everything hidden away behind an elegant door system, Incredible Home can design and install the perfect storage solutions for your craft room or space.

With a variety of cabinet and shelving styles, workstations, doors and accessories on offer, we have what you need to get crafty.

Visit us on Burnside Road or contact us today for more information.