Brighten Up Your Kitchen with Glass Cabinet Doors

Brighten Up Your Kitchen with Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors Will Add Light and Beauty to Your Space


You’ve decided to have a custom kitchen designed and installed by Incredible Home – a fantastic choice! Now comes the fun part of choosing what will be included in the kitchen of your dreams.

Cabinets – the layout, colour and door type – are a key decision when designing a new kitchen. There are many types of cabinet doors to choose from – which one is better than the other? 

Let’s look at glass cabinet doors and how they could be the perfect fit for your custom kitchen.

Why Should I Choose Glass Cabinet Doors?

There are many reasons why glass cabinet doors make a classic and attractive choice for custom kitchens.
For example: 

  • They have a streamlined, clean appearance
  • They create a modern aesthetic
  • They are a great way to add brightness to a room
  • They complement any style of décor or colour scheme in the kitchen
  • They are elegant and easy to clean

When opting for kitchen cabinet doors with glass, you’ll find there are many benefits to implementing this style into your home. Not only do they look visually appealing, but they can also save time by revealing what’s inside your cabinets. No more getting mixed up between where the plates and the mugs live! 

As if we need more convincing,’s article Kitchen Confidential: Glass Cabinet Doors are a Clear Winner confirms that going for glass is the superior choice when designing your kitchen cabinets.

How do I Choose Which Glass Cabinet Door is Right for Me?

There are plenty of factors to consider when deciding which cabinet doors you want to include in your custom kitchen, such as:

Brightness: How bright is your kitchen, and do you want to impact the natural brightness? Are you looking to bring more light in, or would you like to keep the glare at bay?

Materials: Are you looking for a full glass look, or are you interested in mixing the glass details with other materials such as wood? Do you want frosted, clear or etched glass?

Colour: What colour is your kitchen and how will glass cabinet doors enhance or complement it? What type of cabinet doors will go best with your kitchen’s colour scheme?

What are the Different Glass Cabinet Door Styles?

There are a few options to consider when choosing the style of your glass cabinet doors.

What we recommend is choosing cabinet doors that have glass inserts put into them. 

Glass inserts are customizable so you can choose to add smaller vertical or horizontal strips or have glass just at the top or bottom of the door. Glass inserts look effective against many different finishings. Whether you’re matching them with a wood cabinet or a coloured lacquered finish, glass inserts can give a classic or modern look to your new kitchen. 

Other Ways to Modernize Kitchen Cabinet Doors 

Glass isn’t the only way to make your kitchen cabinets shine. By adding more bespoke features and creative details to your kitchen cabinet doors, you can really personalize the final look. Our knowledgeable design team at Incredible Home can help guide you through all decisions related to cabinetry, so you are satisfied with the final product.

Some ideas to consider include:glass cabinet doors

LED Lighting: Adding LED lighting to your kitchen cabinet doors brings a high-end and polished finish to your custom kitchen. LED lights can be placed inside glass-front cabinets so the light can shine through the glass, illuminating what is inside. This also creates a subtle and attractive look in the evening when it gets darker.

Colour: If you are pairing glass cabinets with a lacquer cabinet frame, opt for a pop of colour that will make your kitchen bright. It will also act as a nice complement to glass paneling. 

Check out these cool kitchen cabinetry materials and styles for more inspiration about kitchen cabinet styles.

How Should I Design My Cabinet Doors to be Functional?

While we all want our kitchen cabinets to look amazing, they also need to be functional. The advantage of custom kitchen cabinetry is that you can create a kitchen that fits your needs.

Some of the functional design elements you might want to consider adding include:

  • Press/Push-open closures or handles
  • Pull-outs for pantry items or kitchen tools
  • Number of shelves needed. Adjustable or not?
  • Organizing systems like a Lazy Susan or an integrated knife block

There are many accessories and inserts you can choose to personalize your custom kitchen. These cabinets are going to live in your kitchen for many years to come, so make them useful, functional and beautiful.

Seek Professional Help to Install Beautiful Glass Cabinet Doors

Whichever way you prefer to customize glass doors for your kitchen cabinets, let the experts help you design your custom look. The kitchen cabinetry experts at Incredible Home can help you design and build your new custom kitchen from scratch.

Visit us at our Victoria, BC showroom today or contact us for a consultation and get ready to be amazed by the awe-inspiring possibilities of how your new kitchen can look!