Value Line



Value closet’s offer versatility, quality and savings creating a win, win, win scenario for life long organization.

Value line closets offer versatility, quality and savings creating a win, win, win scenario for lifelong organization.

Industrial grade Eco friendly materials and local craftsmanship are backed up by our ten-year warranty. Value line closets by Incredible Home have adjustable shelving, durable chrome closet rods.

Value line closets are made right here in Victoria and are manufactured to accommodate numerous accessories that enhance the versatility of your closet. These closets are installed by our own incredible installers allowing for a stress-free installation and making it easier for you to have a closet which finally works for you. We pride ourselves on having a wonderful local business which provides fantastic customer service. Let us help you with your closet needs in any budget.

Organization that fits everyone’s budget. Our Value line closets offer practical functional and economical storage. Less bells, less whistles, and less cost. Quality control standards ensure durability and versatility.

Value Line Closets Q & A

What is the difference between our “value line” closet and a “regular” closet?

Well, we are so happy you asked. Our value line closets come in a standard white industrial grade laminate, ¾ extension drawers and standard European hardware while using modular sizing. If you are wanting to have more custom designs or features such as varieties in finishes, hardware, and full extension birch box drawers then our custom line might be more for you. The custom line also allows for you to have a design which is fully customized to what you need and your space. Although we can modify the Value line closets to make it fit your needs, the drawers and other features come in a few standardized modular sizes.

In what circumstances would you chose a “value line” closet rather than a “regular” closet?

Wherever you want to save money. Where practicality outweighs aesthetics. When simplicity serves the purpose. When functionality trumps luxury.