Kitchen Cabinetry Materials, Finishes & Accessories

Cool Kitchen Cabinetry Materials, Finishes & Accessories

Which Kitchen Cabinet Styles are Right for Your Home?


When it comes to selecting kitchen cabinetry materials, finishes and accessories, what you choose is all about what makes you happy. Homeowners looking to inject personality into the heart of their home can turn to just about any aesthetic for a kitchen that truly reflects who they are.

Whether your home is sleek and modern, farmhouse chic, transitional or something in between, there are so many timeless and trendy options for your kitchen renovation. Want a pop of colour? Consider turning your kitchen island into a focal point with a custom hue. Want to create more visual interest? Try upper and lower cabinets in contrasting colours. Choose a door profile to soften the look of flat front doors, blending modern and traditional touches.

What Type of Kitchen Cabinetry / Materials are in Demand?

Wood and wood substrate is always a top choice. At Incredible Home, we always provide top quality laminate or birch plywood cabinetry “boxes.” Once you’ve chosen your configuration, you can choose from a wide variety of colours, finishes, textures and profiles.

Popular Colours for Kitchen CabinetryKitchen Cabinetry Materials, Finishes & Accessories

White remains one of the most popular choices, followed by wood tones. Warm oak tones are making a comeback after being banished from many homes after a surge of popularity in the 80’s and 90’s. The difference is the new oak is finished in a cooler tone and paired with contemporary hardware and accessories to suit today’s kitchens.

There are also more greens in light or jewel tones, as well as blues that range from cobalt to a grey-based navy. We designed this white custom kitchen with a bold pop of colour provided by the appliance —a Ferrari red range. This goes to show that even if you’re feeling colour-shy about cabinets, you can still have a little fun with colour. The colour you choose is a very personal choice and we want you to love it every time you see your kitchen. That’s why we offer a huge range of custom colours to suit virtually any décor scheme.

What Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes are in Demand?

After choosing your colour(s), you’ll choose the finish. High gloss is increasingly popular, particularly in modern homes. At the other end of the spectrum is a matte finish, favoured for a variety of styles, from contemporary to transitional. In the middle is the traditional semi-gloss finish. Paired with modern hardware, semi-gloss is an excellent choice for transitional or shaker cabinets.

You can also embrace open shelving for sections of your kitchen. If you have tableware you love to display, open shelving is ideal for creating storage and décor simultaneously. Glass panels are another beautiful option for incorporating light and brightness into kitchens.

Using a mixture of wood and glass against a neutral background looks stunning and adds depth to just about any kitchen. If you like the idea of having different upper cabinets and lower cabinets, consider different finishes for each set.

You can even have your island finished in a sleek darker tone with glossy white kitchen cabinets to create eye-catching contrast. Simple solutions like this can take any kitchen from cookie-cutter to magazine-worthy. Along with the finish, you’ll be able to choose custom opening styles.

We offer many opening styles for modern kitchen cabinets:

  • Drop-down opening
  • Folding opening
  • Lift-up opening
  • Parallel opening
  • Up and over opening

Which Types of Hardware are in Demand?

Brushed nickel is a perennial favourite, but if this basic finish isn’t bringing you joy, there are many other options. When choosing your handles, knobs and pulls, be sure to take the hardware positioning, cabinet colour, profile and finish into account. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Just because you have stainless appliances doesn’t mean you have to commit to stainless hardware too. You can warm it up with gold or brass handles.

Opting for a contemporary look, you can try horizontally placed hardware or easily skip using hardware entirely.

For transitional door styles, anything from oil rubbed bronze to glass handles will work. A nod to your grandmother’s 1920’s-era faceted glass knobs, the new look for glass is a sleek tubular shape. These newer style handles add just the right amount of gleam to the doors and provide a nice change from the expected metals.  It’s also what you don’t see that matters – with our soft close doors and German engineered hinges and drawer slides, our custom kitchens exude quality.

Some popular choices for cabinetry hardware finishes and designs:


  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Etched brass
  • Gold
  • Rose gold
  • Matte black


  • Bin or cup shaped pulls
  • Oversized long handles
  • Exposed screws for an industrial / rustic feel
  • Flat edged handles
  • Rounded (tubular) handles
  • Minimalist knobs

What Type of Accessories are in Demand?

A kitchen functions best when it’s designed around a “work triangle.” We offer a complete selection of kitchen accessories and we’ll work with you to design every inch of your kitchen to work smarter. This will make meal prep and cleanup easier and more enjoyable than ever.

A large component of a kitchens function is to maximize use of space. This is where hidden drawer organizers and cabinet accessories really shine. A drawer dedicated to herbs and spices, a prep sink beside the cooktop, and a handy phone charging station are just some of the ways that you can make your kitchen more functional than ever. Big coffee fan? Why not create a coffee centre that contains everything you need to make the perfect cup?

For a space saving solution in smaller kitchens, backsplash railing systems let you hang and store frequently used items like knives and utensils.  A tip out tray is the perfect way to replace a faux drawer by the kitchen sink and even something as minor as a pull out towel rack under the sink can make all the difference in convenience.

Cabinetry is a key part of creating your desired look and feel in a kitchen. At Incredible Home, our expert designers, cabinet makers and installers will all work with you to create your dream kitchen, from cabinets and cupboards to hardware. We can design the ideal layout to make the most of your space, design clever organization and help take the guesswork out of colours, textures and finishes. To get started on your gorgeous new kitchen, book a consultation or visit our Victoria, BC showroom today!

wine rooms and wine storage areas

Wine Rooms & Storage in Homes

Adding a Wine Storage Area in Your House Is Likely Easier Than You Think

As we head into the holiday season, entertaining and wine come to mind. Wine has become a pleasure for so many and as such, storage needs arise. Wine storage and wine rooms need not be daunting, however.

“One of the great pleasures of learning about and enjoying wine is curating a wine collection that is personal to your tastes. But choosing and buying wines are only part of the process: they also must be stored. When preserved correctly, wine can last for decades, even centuries, growing in value and quality. But poor storage can spoil even the greatest wines in the world.”
– James Suckling

At Incredible Home, we have some clients who are looking for a fully dedicated wine room, while others are just looking to incorporate a specialized wine storage area into their homes. Many clients are choosing to include wine storage in their kitchens and entertaining spaces and we have many designs and solutions that can accommodate this special storage area. Sleek wine peg systems offer a modern touch, while more traditional racks for display and storage can be finished in a stain or paint colour to coordinate with the space and design.Wine storage for the home

While it may be considered a luxury to build a wine room into a new house design, finding space to store your wine in a renovation scenario is a luxury attainable to pretty much any homeowner.

Although it can require some serious creativity, wine storage areas and wine rooms can be carved out of the most unusual spaces. From the forgotten space under the stairs to an overly large utility room, underutilized pantries or spare bedrooms – a wine room can be born. If space allows, you may also wish to include a countertop, a tasting bar or table for two. Expert design here is key as you’ll want to maximize the storage space while taking care to blend aesthetics and comfort. And that’s where the team here at Incredible Home excels – we’re experts in designing creative storage areas… in some of the most unusual spaces!

There are many elements that can go into a custom wine room or storage area. Here are some things to think about when considering adding a wine area to your home.

  • How much wine do you wish to store? We have several styles of cabinetry to house case lots, individual bottles or display bottles.
  • Would you like to display special bottles?
  • Would you like to include labels to identify varieties? Consider brass or white metal labels to be affixed to shelves to separate your Pinot Noir from your Cabernet and so on.
  • Climate control is something to think about. Your room can be fitted with equipment to control the climate so that your Reds are shelf ready and your Whites and Rosés are chilled to just the right temperature.
  • Consider adding a refrigerator for the Whites, Rosés and Bubblies.
  • Lighting is an important element in the design. We do not want the wine to overheat under hot lights.
  • Will you use the space for storage only or will you incorporate seating or a countertop?
  • Do you require space for other beverages and bar items?

If you’ve never stored wine long-term before, you might want to familiarize yourself with how to properly store wine at home.

If you’ve ever thought that your house needed an area to store your wine, reach out to Incredible Home to see what’s possible and let us begin the process of designing a custom home wine room or wine storage area.

Kitchen Renovations in Victoria BC

Thinking about a Kitchen Renovation?

What you Need to Know Before Moving Forward with a Kitchen Reno


Now that you have decided to renovate your kitchen, what are your next steps? Home renovation projects need to be well planned and a kitchen renovation is no exception!Kitchen Renovations in Victoria BC - new oven

Before you meet with your kitchen designer it is ideal to create a rough layout of your existing kitchen, take photos of each wall, build a folder with a few inspiration images, and consider budget and timeline for completion.

Your new kitchen remodel needs to reflect your personal style, how you use the space and functional needs.

Some of the elements we consider when designing your kitchen include:

  • Which fixtures and/or appliances are you planning to keep and what if any limitations do we need to work around such as plumbing and range venting.
  • How do you use your kitchen? How many people use the space? Do you need additional pantry storage? Would you benefit from designated areas for baking and canning? Do you need space to entertain? Do you need space for casual dining?
  • Are you changing flooring material?
  • Can we reconfigure the layout to add a kitchen island or peninsula?
  • Are there spaces adjacent to the kitchen that can be incorporated as pantry or additional storage?
  • Electrical and plumbing changes including additional plug in locations and rough-in for appliances that require water lines.

Renovating Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to your kitchen cabinets you have several options for materials which will allow you to work within your budget. The two main materials used for kitchen cabinetry are wood or a wood substrate with an applied finish. Each offers different options for colours, textures, and finishes. Your kitchen cabinet decisions are likely the most important ones you will make when remodelling your kitchen. Your cabinets will be the first thing people notice and their functionality and purpose will add significant value to your everyday enjoyment.

Kitchen Countertops, Accessories & Lighting

In keeping with this added value proposition, you will need to consider the countertops, accessories, lighting, and hardware that best fit with your needs. This is one area where a little more budget allocation can have a great payback. The kitchen is the heart of the home after all!

Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Renovations in Victoria BC - island kitchen

There are many choices for countertop and backsplash materials from solid surfaces such as quartz and natural stone as well as porcelain, butcher block and laminate. We work with several local supplier/fabrication shops here in Victoria BC and recommend looking at Colonial Countertops as a starting point.

Choosing Kitchen Accessories

Accessories elevate and add function to a well-designed kitchen. There is an abundance of choice for accessories to customize the inside of your cabinets; corner solutions, garbage/recycling/composting, spice storage, drawer organization are just the beginning.  Check out a full range of kitchen accessories here.

Choosing Kitchen Hardware

Hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen and the right choice will bring the whole kitchen together. Things to consider when selecting hardware include shape, size, material, and finish. Positioning on the cabinetry is a detail not to be missed either.

Getting the Right Lights for your Kitchen

Finally, let there be light. Along with finding ways to bring in as much natural light as possible you will also want to ensure that you take full advantage of the variety of options for cabinet lighting including under cabinet, over cabinet, toe kick lighting and lights to the interior of cabinets.


That should give you a good idea of what you need to know before moving forward with that new kitchen renovation. In Victoria BC, come by our showroom to talk to our expert kitchen designers, cabinet makers and installers or give us a ring at 250-381-6511 and let’s get started on your new kitchen reno!

Back to Business

Incredible Home is excited to be back to our regular business hours.
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It has been a long, and at times, challenging few months for many of our team members, family, friends, clients and neighbours. We truly thank you for your incredible support and understanding during this time. Your continued support and flexibility has not gone unnoticed and we are very grateful to be in a position to welcome you back to our showroom.

We have a few guidelines in place, which will allow us to continue to give our clients the best possible service and attention to detail we love to offer. We ask for your patience and understanding while we all adjust together to this new normal.

Some of the health and safety guidelines that need to be followed:

  • No more than 8 people in our showroom at one time
  • Social distancing guidelines from other clients and staff are to be followed at all times
  •  Where we cannot maintain social distancing we have disposable face masks and face shields. We have disposable face masks for your convenience.
  • If you have been sick and/or if you have been out of Canada in the last 14 days, we ask that you book a later time to visit us.

This is the opportune time for us all to proceed with positivity and humanity. The choice to respect, help and support each other, our community, fellow citizens, and local businesses will produce greater dividends in our lifestyle, health, and happiness.

Best wishes from the Incredible Home team.
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Contemporary Kitchen- After

Contemporary Kitchen- Before and After

Check out or latest kitchen transformation. We took this space from dated and traditional to revamped and contemporary. The entire renovation project included new flooring and wall colour and the kitchen now embodies a modern look with stainless steel appliances, on trend backsplash and sleek cabinetry. The essential under the cabinet lighting gives so much more light to the space and shows off the gleaming quartz countertops. Need help with your next kitchen project? Call us to find out how we can take your kitchen to the next level.

A Letter to Our Customers- Thank you

Our Canadian company is celebrating 38 years in business this month. We are so proud to have shared our vision as well as our services and products in our adopted city of Victoria for the  last 27 of those years. We love our city, it’s citizens, it’s culture and amenities.

During this challenging time of the COVID 19 pandemic, our love for this city and respect for our citizens has increased 100 fold. Solidarity, compassion, respectfulness, sharing and kindness are but a few of the qualities that we have seen exhibited by our fellow Victorians, British Columbians, and Canadians. It makes us proud to be a part of this collective of citizens in this part of paradise that we share.

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