6 Types of Kitchen Pantries

Which Pantry Type Is Right For Your Kitchen?

 A kitchen pantry is the ideal solution for homeowners looking for more storage space. Whether it’s to store food, appliances or tableware, a pantry can offer an array of solutions for your individual needs. Pantries can be especially useful for keeping countertop space clear by providing a dedicated space for small appliances and dry goods, keeping your workspace easily accessible.

You can choose a permanent or portable pantry solution, such as a walk-in kitchen pantry that becomes an integrated part of your home or a pantry cart on wheels that can easily be moved from one area to another. Whether you want your new pantry to blend in with your kitchen’s architectural features or stand out on its own, Incredible Home has an endless variety of design options for your kitchen pantry.

There are Many Benefits to Having a Kitchen Pantry

  • Extra, customized, storage space and sometimes more workspace
  • Somewhere to hide the clutter of food preparation products in open-plan homes
  • No more searching through cupboards for that item you need
  • A pantry gives everything a place
  • Cooking and baking tools and ingredients are convenient and close-at-hand
  • Save money by bulk buying 
  • It’s easier to see what you have on hand
  • Avoid buying something you already have enough of
  • Add value to your home by amplifying storage space

The good news is that with the different types of pantries and accessory options, the ideal kitchen pantry is attainable for every home, no matter the layout or kitchen size.

Six Types of Kitchen Pantries

1.Butler’s Pantry – A Butler’s pantry is a separate room or space, usually directly off the kitchen, that historically was used for storing china, silverware and often had food preparation space too. As the name suggests, it was a place that the butler, or whoever was serving the meal, could do most of the messy work, away from the eyes of dinner guests.

Now, butler’s pantries are often used to store appliances, extra serving dishes and special items that are not used every day.

A butler’s pantry is a good choice if you’re looking for some extra, hidden storage and preparation space. Butler’s pantries can include shelving, drawers, worktops, sinks and even additional electrical appliances.

2.Walk-in Pantry – A walk-in pantry, as it sounds, is a storage space that’s big enough to walk into, although not as large as a butler’s pantry. Walk-in pantries may be located within the kitchen itself or outside the kitchen in another convenient area of the home. We recommend adding task lighting to walk-in pantries so you can always find what you’re looking for.

They are usually lined on three sides with plenty of shelving, giving lots of room and easy access to food or appliances. ThKitchen Pantryere are lots of options to personalize the storage solutions in this type of pantry.

3.Pantry Cabinet (also known as a built-in pantry) – A pantry cabinet is a full-height cabinet that is designed as part of the entire kitchen, but features some additional integrated storage solutions. 

A pantry cabinet can have single or double door access and create almost as much extra storage as a walk-in pantry, but with the benefit of requiring much less square footage. 

By adding shelving, roll-outs and drawers, the pantry cabinet is fully customizable for the owner’s needs, whether it be dry food, tableware or glassware storage.

4.Freestanding Pantry – A freestanding pantry is a great way to add extra storage to your kitchen without the commitment of a built-in cabinet or a separate room. This type of pantry is ideal in a kitchen with some empty wall space. It can be moved around or even taken with you when you move. 

Freestanding pantries can be designed to blend in with the rest of the kitchen or be a contrasting design or colour to show your creativity and style. Although they are essentially a large cupboard, freestanding pantries can come with many features and be customized to include drawers, shelves and pull-outs. 

5.Wall Pantry – Wall pantries are great in kitchens where there isn’t room for a full floor to ceiling addition, but there is some empty wall space. As they’re smaller than some of the other pantry options, wall pantries are a good choice for a specific need. For example, an herb and spice storage rack close to the cooktop, or a cabinet dedicated to hold bottles and glasses. 

6.Slide-out Pantry – A slide-out pantry is another great solution for those with less space to play with, and can be easily added to existing kitchens. They can be located to the side of your fridge, or incorporated into or between other cabinetry to provide a surprisingly large amount of easy-to-access storage space. 

A slide-out kitchen pantry can include adjustable shelves, baskets and other solutions to hold cans, bottles and boxes, or can even be the home for your plastic container collection! Whatever your personal preference, you can find a multitude of ideas for pantry and food storage solutions that are not only practical but look great too.

Incredible Home Will Design the Perfect Kitchen Pantry Solution For Your Home

Whether you are looking to renovate your entire kitchen, or just want to know how you could add pantry storage to your existing cabinets, Incredible Home has plenty of options for you to consider.

Our space planners will work with you to decide which type of custom cabinetry and pantry works best for your kitchen layout. They’ll also establish your family’s specific storage requirements and create a design to bring in plenty of extra storage space. There are numerous organizational solutions to consider including:

  • Straight or u-shaped shelving 
  • Roll-outs
  • Mixer lifts
  • Drawers and rollouts
  • Corner solutions
  • Baskets
  • Garbage and recycling container solutions

If a brand-new kitchen is in your future, as part of a renovation or new build, contact Incredible Home’s kitchen designers. They’ll be glad to help you bring your wish list to life. With years of storage and space planning experience, Incredible Home specializes in bringing functionality and workflow into your space.

As Incredible Home’s kitchens are all custom made, the options and possibilities for design, finish and storage options are endless. Contact us today to see how we can help you. Our Victoria showroom on Burnside Road is open Monday to Saturday for limited walk-in visitors, or you can book a consultation with us at a time that suits you. Incredible Home is excited to help you get organized with your new custom kitchen pantry.