Custom Storage Solutions Can Maximize the Space in Your Home

Custom Storage Solutions Can Maximize the Space in Your Home

10 Ways Custom Storage Solutions Can Take Advantage of Valuable Square Footage

Custom storage solutions can add so much to your home. Like many others, you might be spending more time at home these days. Whether you’re working from home, want more room for hobbies, or you just want to maximize the square footage in your house for everyday living, Incredible Home can help with custom, luxurious storage solutions for everyday living.

Designed with the highest-quality materials, custom millwork and industry-leading accessories and hardware, your made-to-order storage solutions will add stylish efficiency to your interior décor.

Adding storage is one of the simplest ways to make your home’s square footage and layout work to your advantage. In our top 10 list of ways to get more from the space in your home, we’ve focused on the addition of gorgeous and truly functional storage.

1. Replace Bulky Bookcases with Streamlined Built-Ins

Reclaim your floor space and opt for built-in shelving. Raised off the floor and mounted securely to the walls, our custom wall units can be designed to look like they were built with your home. From edgy and modern to classically refined wood tones, our custom shelving, cabinets and home entertainment centers are an ideal option. We can also add lights to entertainment centers, cabinetry and shelving to make the space feel even brighter and more open.

2. Create Distinct Zones

Another great way to maximize space in your house is to create zones. If you don’t have a home office, a cleverly designed wall desk, entertainment unit or built-in shelving unit with drawers and doors can create the perfect workspace. If the kids don’t have a designated play area, we can design furniture specifically for storage of their toys, crafts and games. This way everything can be easily hidden away at the end of the day when you just want to kick back in a toy-free living room.

3. Use Empty Space in the Kitchen

At Incredible Home, we are masters of making every square inch count. Space between the fridge and counter? We can add a sleek roll-out spice rack made to match your existing cabinetry. Are your kitchen cupboards sparse and lacking in organized storage? We’ll work with you to create a new layout and design to maximize cabinet and shelf space. From high-quality lazy susans to built-in storage bins for garbage and recycling, we’ll make the most of your kitchen.

4. Choose a Custom Closet

Custom Closet

Originally known as Incredible Closets, at Incredible Home, closets are our specialty. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious built-in closet with all the extras, or a value priced closet organizer, or anything in between, our custom closets are made to cut clutter and increase storage. With a custom closet, you may even find that you no longer need a dresser in your bedroom. Choose your material and finishes, shelving configurations, hardware and all the extras, like soft-close drawers, shoe railings and more.

5. Mount Your TV on The Wall

Today’s large screen TV’s can take up valuable real estate. Whenever possible, we recommend mounting your TV on the wall. This is a relatively quick and easy project to streamline your living areas and makes great use of normally unusable wall space. You can also mount your TV inside a custom-designed entertainment center. This is particularly popular in formal living areas or bedrooms.

6. Make Over Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are where clutter just loves to gather. Almost worse than the front hallway, they become a dumping ground for dirty sports gear, shoes, lost socks, piles of clean laundry and assorted cleaning supplies. If you can barely move around in your laundry room, you’d benefit from a custom-made storage solution.

Wall to wall cabinets, open shelving, hooks and space to hang delicates gets everything up off the floor. This makes short work of the unused wall space in your laundry room. Built-in laundry and garbage bins, a dedicated home for the iron and ironing board and plenty of shelving will make your laundry room a space you actually enjoy.

7. Add Custom Vanities to the Bathrooms

Mass-produced vanities from big-box stores typically don’t have much in the way of storage. Two or three shallow drawers and a faux drawer above the plumbing can really leave you wanting more space for your beauty supplies and toiletries.

If you’re tired of baskets and bins cluttering up your bathroom floors, a custom bathroom vanity could be just the thing to transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. With your choice of colours, finishes, millwork and features like soft-close doors and lined jewelry drawers, your bathroom will become the calming space it was meant to be.

8. Choose Furniture That Does Double Duty

Storage ottomans and bed frames designed with integrated storage are trendy right now, but their appeal is long-lasting. Tuck your blankets and pillows into drawers incorporated into your bed frame and stash toys in a stylish ottoman. A platform storage bed in the guest room can easily hold all the linens and towels your guests will ever need. In the living room and den, coffee tables with shelving and drawers can keep remote controls and books hidden but close at hand.

9. Add Corner Shelving

High-quality corner shelving can be the perfect place for your photos, potted plants and trinkets that would otherwise add clutter to tabletops and counters. Because the corners of walls are typically dead space, this is an easy way to add some extra storage space without needing another large piece of furniture.

10. Choose Furniture With the Right Proportions

Choosing the proper sized furnishings for your home can go a long way towards preserving square footage. Some homeowners may think that multiple, smaller pieces of furniture will be the most effective way to save space. In reality designers encourage homeowners to bring in larger, high-quality pieces of furniture to help anchor the room and create a set layout. Try a larger sectional sofa instead of multiple small armchairs and side tables. Another trick home designers and stagers like to use is decorating rooms with furniture with exposed legs. This can create the illusion of space and openness.

Get More From Your Home with Incredible Home

Increase your living space and make your house an oasis with gorgeous, custom-crafted storage solutions that you’ll love. Designed to complement your budget, your style and your home’s interior design, we can create innovative storage solutions to suit any room in your home. If your four walls are closing in and you’re tired of dealing with ineffective storage, give us a call. At Incredible Home, our experienced and talented designers will be glad to do a no-obligation design and quote for your custom storage solution.